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Freedom of Relationship Style, Gender, Orientation Choice

HarbinPolyCon2012GpMonday is a poly potluck meeting here in Maui. We’re going to catch up with old friends, meet new people and support poly awareness. Poly potlucks and meetings are happening all over the world now.  Twenty years ago polyamory was not even known as a word. Now it is a movement that not only supports polyamorists but this entire world.  Freedom’s a good thing for everyone.

What are you doing to support relationship choice and orientation freedom in your part of the world? For me supporting personal freedom is the highest spiritual path possible. Yet personal freedom must not harm another. Awareness of the individual nature of humanity and how truly diverse we are sets us all free. Acceptance and tolerance of our true nature removes harmful, hateful stigmata and creates social awareness.

If people are aware that many are polyamorous by NATURE and will desire and chose more than one mate at a time during the course of their lives, then they can openly state their orientation and lifestyle choice upon meeting new potential partners so partners enter into relationships consciously rather than blindsiding each other later when truth is revealed. What a lovely world that will be when gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered, polyamorous and swingers can all just state who they are up front without fear of losing friends, family, jobs, social status or in some cases, fear for their very lives. Set us all free. Support race, color, creed, gender, orientation and relationship style every opportunity you get. Blessings. Have a great day.

Below are various events: conferences, workshops, polyamory meetings and potlucks from around the globe. Polyamorists come in all sizes and shapes, races, colors, creeds, religions, orientations, etc. I think the representation of the global community illustrated on this page (many of which are still in the closet) is a beautiful group of very brave people who blaze the trail for the rest of us. Someday we’ll look back on these days as the beginning of a very great movement that set humanity free from lies and painful deceit.

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  1. Rachel Sang says:

    Hi! I’m writing a research paper on why polyamory should gain legal rights. Are there any books/articles/etc. you could recommend to me?


    1. You could interview us or others who are willing to be interviewed. There are many good authors and researchers out there who could help you with your research paper.

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