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Polyamory: Because Monogamy is not for everybody. The way to a poly person’s heart is through their calendar.

Can’t wait until my spell checker stops underlining Polyamory.

When I deepen my love for anyone, it naturally expands my love for everyone.

Through each unique connection with every different lover, I make a wide range of music.

Just because someone does not do poly the way you do poly, does not mean they are not poly.

There is a kernel of truth in every stereotype.

Are all Poly people word geeks?

Is ‘limerence’ in your lexicon?

Group process, play or even sex– is never a sufficient substitute for deep dyadic connection–but it may certainly enhance it!

One of the under appreciated benefits of polyamory is having more people who can bring you soup, when you are feeling sick.

Loving is like breathing. Societal restrictions that dictate who, and how we love, pollute the atmosphere and pinch off our air supply.

When I open my heart to loving more people, I also open myself to feeling their sorrow, their insecurities, their longing, their humanity.

My boyfriend’s dilemma in Polyamory: his wife wants him to keep his phone on at all times, but his girlfriends want his uninterrupted attention.

I am exposing what happens AFTER “Happily Ever After,” because most people’s lives are not as much fairy tales as “Chose your own adventure” stories!

Ram Dass said, “If you think you are enlightened; go home for Thanksgiving.” I say, once you master that, try living in a poly household with three other lovers.

Since I my connections are not determined by the limitations of monogamy, it’s increasingly important to cultivate discernment about who to invest in intimately.

You’ve probably heard that we can only love others to the degree we love ourselves–now imagine the exponential necessity of self love when loving multiple partners

In the dance of relationship, we are always starting, sustaining or separating our hearts from the embrace of another, and people who practice multiple relationships may be simultaneously moving in two opposite directions.

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