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Hi there, my name is Britni.  I am more commonly known as Bisexual Britni of the adult film world.   I am a veteran of 300 adult movies, 60 adult magazine layouts, the Howard Stern Show and I was named the 2002 Adult Actress of the Year.

As some of you already know, I have been involved in a polyamorous triad for nearly 5 years now. I met a girl online named Michelle who lived in Denver while I was living in New York. I was 16 years old at the time. Michelle asked me to fly to Denver to meet her and after a week or two of chatting via AOL and the phone, I agreed. It did not take long to realize I was falling in love with Michelle and wanted to be in her life for as long as I could be. There was one hang-up though: Michelle was married to a man named Dennis and had been for 7 years. Even worse, as far as I was concerned, was the fact they were happily married and Michelle had no intention of leaving Dennis.

 I spent the next month in Denver, spending all sorts of time with Michelle. We shopped together, cooked dinner together and made love several times a day. I was in heaven and had no intention of ever going back to New York. Michelle was the perfect woman for me and I knew it. Now, what to do about her husband.To his credit, he never hit on me, made any advance towards me and always treated me like I was a welcome addition to the family. When I asked Michelle what I should do, she said I should consider the idea of simply being involved with and loving Dennis also. The idea floored me as I had never thought about having sex with Michelle's husband because I just sort of thought he was off-limits. I am not sure why I thought that, as it was quite obvious Michelle was not off limits... so, why was Dennis? Right?

     That night, we all went and had a wonderful dinner and spoke at great length of the possibilities of a long term three-way relationship. I learned that Dennis and Michelle were not new at this. They had been married to another girl for almost 5 years, just previous to meeting me. This girl had moved on due to matters unrelated to 3 way relationships. I felt very comfortable with Dennis and Michelle and asked them to take me back home so we could all three have sex. Since I had quietly already been attracted to Dennis, having sex with him was an easy decision. I was not entirely sure how it was all going to work out, but I was game for trying something new.

     That night I learned something. I learned that I love three way sex and three way love. I could not have been happier than I was that night. I was making out with a girl I loved dearly while being made love to by a man I loved dearly. Then, I got to hold Michelle's hand while she was being made love to. I feared I would get jealous or hurt when Dennis moved to have sex with Michelle but I wasn't. Quite the opposite. I was so happy that Michelle was happy and feeling good that I almost cried. The three of us made love for several hours that night, several different times. If I had written a script for the perfect night of romance and sex, I could not have written it better than the reality of that night.

     When I awoke, I knew we would be a threesome for life. I was warm, happy, sexually satisfied and ready to take on the world. We continued this relationship for a year or so until we decided to take it to the next level, marriage. Of course, due to silly and antiquated laws, it would have been illegal for Dennis to be legally married to Michelle and me at the same time. So, we had to do the next best thing. We had a wonderful ceremony with friends and family, exchanged rings and vows and then I simply changed my last name to match theirs. It was a beautiful, magical night of real love and warm sex. Of course, the conservative right would call that night and our entire relationship a travesty and an immoral disgrace.

     As always, if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything with me, please feel free to do so. Please do keep in mind, that even though I am an adult actress/stripper, I do not cross polyamory and porn. So, please, do not ask me graphic sexual questions seeking sexually gratifying answers as it pertains to polyamory. I will just ignore you.

Sexually yours,

Britni (

I have lived in a MFF poly-triad since I was 16 years old.  We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and we are still going strong.  Dennis, Michelle and I reside in Denver, Colorado.  We do our very best to promote poly and the understanding and acceptance of poly in our community.  We host poly parties, BBQ's and other such functions. 

We have a small poly club at :

 Please feel free to email me/us if you have any questions or would like to attend one of our poly events.

Britni & Penn (of Penn & Teller)


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