Kamala Devi

Kamala DeviKamala Devi is a down to earth goddess, Author and coach who specializes in sacred sex, creativity and polyamory. She is the author of Don’t Drink the Punch: An Adventure in Tantra, and Sacred Sexual Healing with Baba Dez Nichols as well as numerous stage plays. Including her one-woman show The Sacred Slut Series. She co-created the first non-monogamous instructional DVD titled Earning your BLACKBELT in Relationship with REiD Mihalko. She’s appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, Discovery Channel, Morning Show Live, Inside Edition, MTV’s True Life, Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya and handful of other documentaries about relationship and sexuality. She’s been successfully navigating an open tantric marriage for the last 10 years and currently lives in San Diego with her consort, Michael and 5 year old son, Devin. She has streaming videos on www.tantratheater.tv

KAMALA DEVI will be the Keynote Speaker. Will lead rituals, a Sacred Snuggle Party and Poly Relationship Agreements training, with a stand-up comedy about the poly community by Michael McClure.

Here’s some of what Kamala Devi and Michael McClure have for us at the conference:

Kamala Devi’s Keynote: IT TAKES A TRIBE… TO BE POLY!
You can’t be Poly in a vacuum. We all need community. Whether it’s virtual, event based or an immersive intentional living arrangement, it takes a tribe to create an alternative community. San Diego has an abundant and diverse Tantra/poly community that knows how to work and play well with others. Kamala Devi is excited to share practical tribal technologies for personal growth as well as planetary evolution. She will share about poly communities around the globe as well as her top ten power tools to build community wherever you are, in order to expand your experience of l truth, freedom and Love.

Kamala Devi’s experiential teaching presentation
Communication techniques, tips and trips that’ve helped Kamala Devi and Michael negotiate relationship agreements over the last ten years with over ten lovers all at once. Learn to negotiate your needs and co-create extramarital bliss

This part of the Conference is a sweet sensual event facilitated by Kamala Devi. We gather to flirt, touch, massage, run Tantric energy, play, laugh, cry, and share intimacy, vulnerability or whatever else spontaneously arises. Relax and connect with like-minded people. This is a laboratory to practice expressing what feels good and what doesn’t, asking to get your needs met, setting boundaries, and perhaps even overcoming rejection!