“Single, Bisexual Poly Lady Seeks Partner for Primary Relationship. If you have Time Enough for Love call…”  How does we find poly mates in these times? Personal  ads  like the one above?  Internet dating on poly and non poly sites?   Is it different for couples, triads and morads than for singles?
In the poly life style, most of us are open to potential love partners even when  we have stable, long term joyous relationships.  Is the motivation of  a single seeking a primary  partner (s) stronger than a simple openness?  When does strong motivation become negative neediness and how can we avoid that?  Is being bisexual a special issue? How bisexual do you need to be before it is important enough to mention? On which sites and which Personals is it an asset and on which a detriment?  These questions and many others will be openly, caringly discussed in dyads and full circle exercises.  The session concludes with LOVE MAGNET, a guided meditation for drawing into our lives the partner(s) we desire.  The Magnet includes suggestions based on what we discover in this workshop.