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2012 Post Conference

Negotiate Deeper Intimacy

A One-Day Intensive with Evalena Rose

Evalena RoseExplore arts of ecstatic connection and conscious sensuality that enhance your capacity for intimacy with your partner(s). Discover how breath practices, movement, energy dances, and sacred touch enhance pleasure and help you move kundalini through the body.

Enjoy practicing with a partner or lovely pod as we explore pleasure mapping, making requests, negotiating exchanges, and giving feedback in the context of sacred love. People find this work deeply fulfilling, enjoyable, and nurturing, able to meet intimacy needs with deep presence and sacredness.

Evalena guides people in practicing erotic arts and heart-centered exchanges that create joyous openings and profoundly pleasurable interactions. Enjoy a deeply-embodied and soulful exploration of presence within a container of boundaries and unconditional love.

  • Enjoy Tantric breathwork that prepares the body for full body orgasm
  • Learn techniques that activate vital energy centers and create ecstatic states
  • Explore sensual touch and contact that fulfills and delights
  • Develop skills to keep your heart open for sacred love
  • Deepen contact with your inner beloved and your divinity
  • Enjoy gentle rituals of open-hearted, sacred interactions
  • Open your heart and body to deeper and more passionate ways of loving

A delightful day of experiential play with lovely Tantric exchanges – appetizers of the amazing banquet Tantra offers. Discover the nature of this sacred path that opens you to more sexual aliveness and to living the ecstatic life.

Equally enjoyable with an individual or multiple partner exchanges.

$110 if paid by 7/01/12, $130 after
$180/ pair if paid by 7/01/12, $210 after

WPA Workshops before 07/01/12


if you must cancel you need to please notify us in writing:

1371 Malaihi Road
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793
808-244-4921, cell 808-214-3442

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Refund Policy

Minimum cancellation fee for conferences is $75.00

90 days or more before event – refund is 75%
60-89 days before event – refund is 50%
31-59 days before event – refund is 25%
6-30 days before event – no refund

Hawaii sales tax of 4.166% is added for all Hawaii events and services that take place in Hawaii

Returned checks will be charged a minimum of $30 bank service fee (fee is based on current bank charges for returned checks).

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