Polyamory Many Loves: The Poly-Tantric Lovestyle: A personal account Paperback – August 22, 2006

POLYAMORY, MANY LOVES, The Polytantric Lovestyle, A Personal Account, by Janet Kira Lessin will challenge, delight, satisfy, amuse and entertain you. Join Janet in her juicy journey of sacred sexuality in Polyamory, Many Loves. She explores pair dating, a woman/man/woman threesome, man/woman/man triads, quatrads, networks, and finally, a polyamorous pod. Janet shares her innermost thoughts, feelings, spiritual epiphanies and erotic experiences as she learns the ways of many-lover loving with increasing skill and grace. Her trials and triumphs teach all who would tread the path of polyamory.

Janet’s amorous experiments lead her to blend All-Chakra Tantra–her variety of sacred loving–with polyamory–relating to contemporaneous multiple lovers. The synthesis Janet creates is the PolyTantric Lovestyle. The polytantric lovestyle heals emotional pain and social separation for individuals, pairs, and groups and will, Janet believes, be therapeutic for the world as well.

Chapters CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Explore Loving More CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Women Get Most from Tantra and Polyamory CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Equality, Respect and Reverence CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Fear of Sex; Living Tantra and Polyamory CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Truth, Trauma and Transition CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)External Relationship EnergyCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Poly for the Vulnerable Inner ChildCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Tantra Touches Releases ImprintsCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Are We Really Mono_poly?CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Perils and Pearls of PolyamoryCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Goddess Gifts GoddessCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Two Women and a ManCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Two Men and a WomanCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Bisexuality is a Touchy SubjectCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Couple Dating: CouplesCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Two Couples; Living and Loving TogetherCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Four Men and Two LadiesCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Connecting at a Poly-Tantra RitualCHAR(13) + CHAR(10) Double PenetrationCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Poly Pilgrims ProgressCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)Ride the Rhythms of RelationshipsCHAR(13) + CHAR(1


How to Really Love a Woman: In Four Tantric Trysts Hardcover – October 18, 2011

FOUR TANTRIC TRYSTS guides you as Giver as you adore and nurture a female lover–your Receiver. You show her she can trust you as her healer. You help her heal herself and adopt strategies to love wisely and expand her sexual ecstacy. When you’ve trysted tantrically, you love each other more and better.

In Tantra Tryst 1, Activate Your Chakras, you open your energy vortexes (chakras) to each other. You share your diverse inner-voices. Learn, in this tryst, what hurts and scares your Inner Kids. See how you grew subselves to block pain and fear. You discern when to lower your subself shields, share vulnerability and connect with each other. You synergize your inner selves’ dance within and between you.

In Tryst 2, Reprogram Her Parental Imprints, you help your Receiver escape the automatic limits her rearers and culture inculcated. Then she reacts to you as you, not as a stand-in for a parent.

Tryst 3, Refine How You Relate, you guide her through exercises to refine how you and she relate. You establish the trust you need to nurture, adore, delight and worship her so she can safely express everything to you. Tryst 4, Heal Her Heart, Encourage Her Ejaculation, you touch her vagina inside and trigger repressed, suppressed and under-expressed pain she expresses as you touch, pain that blocks her full sexual sensuality and inhibits ejaculatory orgasms. You help her express pain and release her blocks so she can, when she chooses, ejaculate. You stroke her inner clitoris and urethral sponge till she ejaculates and rises to new delight heights.