dave doleshalOriginally from Southern California, Dave claims to have been polyamorous since before he learned how to count to three. He co-founded the Orange County Polyamory Network in 1994, at a time and place where “such things just weren’t done.” Dave Doleshal is currently a psychologist, and has a private consulting practice in Berkeley, California, where he lives in an uneasy truce with the powers that be. He takes clients on an exclusive basis, working to help them get in touch with their genuine deepest desires, fondest dreams, and highest aspirations, and to overcome the emotional barriers to fulfilling them. He works extensively with jealousy management, and with the healing of traumatic memories.

Dave is one of the directors and co-founders of the World Polyamory Association, and director of Saturnia Regna. Dave holds polyamorous parties at his home and elsewhere on a monthly basis, as well as the Polyamory Film Festival. He is a flagrant heterosexual, and confesses to an extreme bias in favor of redheads, blondes, and brunettes – not necessarily in that order.

He has been quoted by the Western Regional Educational Association as saying, “I’d really hate to be put in a position of seeming to advocate utter disregard for social conventions, total disbelief in all political and religious authority, and unbridled hedonism to the youth of America – but its always worked for me.”

Dave is described by his mother as “a fine young man with a good head on his shoulders, and enough consideration to call home if he’s likely to be late for supper.”

For more info contact Dr. Dave Doleshal personally: dr_dave_doleshal@yahoo.com