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Kira's Intro:

What an exciting summer we have ahead of us.  We're set, ready to meet many of you in person, at last.  We've talked to many of you via phone, emails and chats, so it'll be interesting to put your faces to your words and voices.

June we'll be in the Bay Area of CA, heading up to Harbin Hot Springs where we're bringing you a super-charged polyamory conference with powerful, innovative, dynamic, creative presenters.  WPA's Harbin poly conference's designed to blow your minds and knock off your socks, if you're still wearing them.  You might not be, because Harbin's clothes optional, and we're blessed to be there.  Poly conferences are more electrifying when we can land a venue like Harbin where we can be naked and be ourselves. 

Harbin's just the beginning. The Chicago tantra and polyamory community invited us to the Windy City where we'll stage a weekend Tantra seminar in June.  Then, in the Fall (date to be announced) we present a full-on tantra AND polyamory conference at a major hotel.  The Chicago conference will feature local talent and presenters from the Midwest.  You may think  Mid-Westerners are ultra-conservative.  Think again; the Mid-Westerners will show us they too have open-minded, progressive, spiritual folks just as free as polys and tantricas in Maui and California. 

I hope you can join us for one or more of our events.  We love meeting you and bringing conferences to your area so you can connect with others of like mind and perhaps find new friends and lovers.

Blessings and Aloha,

Contents of this Newsletter
1.    POLY SWINGERS by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
2a.  VET EACH OTHER by Sasha Lessin

   CHICAGO POLYAMORY & TANTRA CONFERENCE: Sacred Sex & Relationship Choice Fall 2005
6.    BRYN MAWR POLYAMORY CONFERENCE - September 2005 - Register now to get super early bird discounts
.    POLYAMORY CONNECTION: Poly Dating, Support Group, Maui, Hawaii
.    POLYAMORY BOOKS:  Polyamory, The PolyTantric Lovestyle &  Polyamory: More Loves, More Loving
9.    POLYAMORY MAGAZINE - Contributions and Staff Sought

1.  POLY SWINGERS by Janet Kira Lessin

Many subcategories crowd beneath the polyamory umbrella but by far the most popular subcategory of folks to squeeze into our umbrella of late is poly swingers.

Poly swingers are those, usually couples, who’ve stumbled onto polyamory by way of swinging but within the swinging scene, they create ongoing emotional relationships and realize they're polyamorous.  They continue in the swing scene, but become polyamorous within it, seeking relationship and continuity with lovers whom they find in that scene.  And they continue to adhere to the prime rule of swinging: honor and preserve your primary relationship, taking care not to let sex outside the primary couple sour that primary committment.

Couples that come this way to polyamory may first open up their marriages at swing clubs where they connect with others who are swingers and having wild sex.  They thought they were seeking just sexual adventure but find they prefer sex with people who become their friends and enjoy their recurrent company.

Sometimes couples who come to polyamory from the swing scene didn’t actually engage in sex with others in the clubs.  At the clubs, these would-be swingers just made love with each other or watched others and then went home with each other and had sex while charged with what they witnessed. Whether or not they engaged in sex at the clubs or connected at the clubs with others whom they did make love with, they had a chance to look at and perhaps try swinging as a sexual episode pretty much devoid of ongoing emotional involvement with anyone but each other.  They realized they wanted something different than conventional swinging.

Many couples who initially identified as swingers come to us (we’re relationship counselors) and ask how to find special singles or couples to join them as lovers.  Though they'd identified as swingers, they're really polyamorists.  Though they may not want to live with the man, woman or couple they seek, they seek relationship with them. They want more than isolated episodes in clubs or elsewhere where they don’t really know the other people. They don't seek total commitment, living with the lovers they seek or even sharing their daily lives. They want some of the best of polyamorous multiple person loving: sex, romance, intimacy, love, shared recreation, good conversation--but not complicated live-in relationships and marriage-like commitments that get messy and difficult.

These swingers-come-polys want to be able to trust the new lover or couple, to dispense with condoms and feel flesh to flesh. Polys who stay in the swing scene still want to make love, have sex, get off, get down, raunchy and dirty. They want to play with total abandon and do all the sexually things formerly forbidden. They want to walk on the wild side and still have the comfort and security of their monogamous home life.  They want to feel love and intimacy without giving that new person dominion over their lives and power to alter decisions they already have as a couple.

In many instances, such poly swing couples want to fulfill their partner’s wildest fantasies. They enjoy their beloved getting everything she or he ever wanted sexually. They love watching their partner’s pleasure, enjoy his or her orgasms. Poly swingers get their voyeuristic fill, see everything they always wanted to see, live, in person, and not just by watching anonymous swingers in a club, party or one-time date.

Poly swingers get to touch places and things they never thought they would. They have experiences with people of all colors and orientations. When wannabe swingers become poly they can be touched by many hands in many places, simultaneously, which brings them to new levels of orgiastic, ecstatic bliss..

The classic swinger caveat--avoid as a couple any emotional entanglement with outside sex partners and regard emotional involvement with others as a threat to the primary relationship--has validity.  Emotions, especially new relationship energy and the challenges of living with a new lover, can be daunting; so there’s something to be said for "keeping it light" as classic swingers do. If you aren’t too involved with new sex partners, you may avoid dysfunctions common with dyadic, often co-dependant couple relationships. Maybe it’s enough for two to figure out finances and how to raise the kids and you don’t need more people telling you what to do, when, where, how and why.

And privacy, so valued by swingers, is a good thing. It’s nice to share your home for an evening but not romantic having to fight for the bathroom on an ongoing basis. Poly swingers, like anonymous swingers, can maintain their privacy and avoid emotional over involvement.

Polyamory’s about accepting diversity, even variety, in how you make love.  You don’t always have to seek live-in, long-term, forever relationships to be polyamorous. If you chose a relationship that fulfills a need or desire and may not last forever, that doesn’t make you a swinger, either.  You're a poly if you seek relationship, even in the swing scene.

If you’ve tried swinging and want more intimacy but still want your couple privacy, you may chose to move into non-co-residential polyamory. Develop your own intimate network of lovers in the swing scene or through polyamory channels such as World Polyamory Association conventions, mixed swinger/poly venues like our Club Tantra on Maui, poly websites or natural evolution with good friends.  You may not chose to wear any labels (swinger, poly swinger or  polyamorous purist), but rather just enjoy your connections with others who share loving in this new, exciting, intimate way. Polyamory’s diverse enough to embrace all variations of lifestyles. Now’s the time for you to enjoy the flavor of polyamory that most suites your tastes.


When you and new lovers get together to make love for the first time, you can better honor your fertility and health concerns once you’ve heard each other’s sexual health information, asked questions and perhaps performed a home-HIV test.

Each of you tells her or his sexual history. Share your test results for sexually transmitted and other contagious diseases. Say who and how you’ve touched sexually since your last HIV tests. Say what methods you used (or didn’t) for disease protection. State your fertility status.

Notice your partners’ body language and eye movements as they share their sexual history. Body and eye movement can indicate truth (people lie most about sex). Ask questions until you get enough information to make intelligent decisions.

Focus, breathe, find your center. Notice signals your body sends you. Is your belly tense, head aching, breathing rapid? Then gather your thoughts and take turns saying what you seek, prefer and what you do not want sexually with each person at the love-in. Consider all health, emotional and social factors and remember, you can say “No” anytime.

You may hide your desires if your Giver-- an inner voice that says to please others first–dominates you. Your Giver knows how to make other people comfortable. Trouble is, sometimes giving becomes more than an option, your Giver becomes your main voice, the only one you hear inside. Your Giver takes you over and can ignore your own needs.

If your Giver dominates you, you do what other people want you to do so they’ll like you. You think, “I’m nice and just naturally try to make them happy first.” This may please them and you for a while.

But when you automatically please others first, you suppress your ability to choose how you want to interact sexually with your lovers at the love-in. The Giver, always gratifying others, keeps your Taker--the part of you that wants to meet your own needs–offstage.

Offstage in your unconscious, your Taker gathers strength and bitterness and can explode without consideration of your inner ecology or relations with your polymates.

What works for me is inclusive, pair-bonded loving (Mono-poly), with Sasha and I each having a veto on one another's sexual involvement. Sasha never exercises his veto, but I often do. In inclusive loving, all sexualloving takes place in each others' presence. Relating to other couples has to be right for both of us, no small requirement, since we're bi, eccentric and intense and we need all-round approbation with our lovers.

Show your protective voices that you can, from your discerning center, experiment with new behaviors and still feel secure. From your Center, face your sexual self, overcome your family and cultural programming, burn karma, heal trauma and drop inhibitions. If your love group encourages emotional release and reprogramming, emotions you experience in the love-in give you a chance to heal and learn.

Tell each person how you want to share sex with her or him. You don’t have to justify a request; just state it. Hear but don’t judge other’s requests.

When you request, say, double penetration, your love-in lovers may or may not give you that. If they ask you to do something you need not comply. Offer each other alternative intimacies. Match your sexual interactions with your comfort level. Perhaps, refrain from coitus at first. A man may, in some instances, ejaculate only with his mate but share oral sex with others in the group.

Many woman, like me, were forced, raped, controlled, manipulated or dominated by male caretakers or lovers. We may have attitudes that limit our sexuality.

If you have primary partners present at the love-in, after each person expresses sexual wants and limits, tell your partners how you feel about their sexual desires for others and ask them to say how they feel about your sexual requests. Reach consensus with your partners before engaging in sex with others.

Always honor and respect the wants, desires and needs of your partners to limit how you relate to the others at the love-in. Give your primary partners they want and thereby create space for their healing, space where they can feel safe. Then they can open up later on in the current encounter or future episodes rather than retreat and shut down from this experience or from polyamory.

Your partner, through hesitancy, reflects a part that is not healed within him or in your relationship and must be addressed before he can expand sexually. The sexual sharing must satisfy your partners as well as you for polyamory to work.

You may have requested something on the line of the following: “Sue, I would like you to have intercourse with me and Joe, I would like for you to stroke my hair while Sue and I make love.”

Sue may respond, “Tom, I don’t know you that well at this point and I am not comfortable with saying yes right now, but I would be willing to let you honor my pearl.” [kiss her clitoral head]

Joe, who is Sue’s husband may add, “It’s fine with me if you make love with Sue at this time, and I am open to it whenever she is comfortable. However, I would like to assist your joining, at that time. And yes, I would love to stoke your hair when you two make love and also pleasure you in any way you would both desire.”

Ann, your wife may interject, “I wouldn’t be comfortable with Sue and my husband joining together and Tom assisting unless Sue and I connect first and get to know each other intimately in that fashion. Once we know and love each other, then I am open to anything.”

And so on around the group until all have expressed their desires, preferences and limitations. But, no matter what you expressed in the beginning, you can change your mind at any time.

And honor emotional interruptions to sexualloving. Honor a person’s feelings and don’t take them personally. An upset person, her history and her life’s experiences trigger her and she’ll process and reveal what is up for her in her own time and way.

As a group, you can be there for her in ways she previously never thought possible. Let her release things long pent up and heal and reprogram herself.

2a. VET EACH OTHER by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Before getting sexual with your lovers, I suggest you Join hands in a circle. Imagine energy circulating through you, from left to right; receive energy from the hand that holds yours on your left, send it down your right hand to the hand you hold on your left.

Make eye contact for 30 seconds or so with each person at the love in, then lower your hands. Each shares
How would you would like the relationships among you to develop?

What’s the best that can happen for each of us?

What’s the worst for each of us?

Your sexual history?

Test results for sexually transmitted and other contagious diseases?

Who touched you sexually since your last HIV tests? How did you touch?

What methods did you use (or not use) for disease or pregnancy protection?

What’s your fertility status?

What do you seek, prefer and not want sexually with each person?

Make eye contact with each person and tell her or him how you want to share sex with her or him. You don’t have to justify a request just state it

Hear and repeat in your own words each person’s requests with the understanding that each will consider the requests. Then respond to the requests or offer each other alternative intimacies.

If you have primary partners present, after each person expresses sexual wants and limits,
tell your primaries how you feel about their sexual desires for others

Ask your primaries to say how they feel about your sexual requests

Reach consensus with your partners before engaging in sex with others



Our Northern California Conference, Celebrate Relationship Choice, at Harbin Hot Springs, CA (June 17-19, 2005) in Middleton, (two hours from San Francisco) offers optional nudity, free sexual expression in WPA's designated private area, healing hot pools.

We've scheduled interactive workshops on pair bonding, romantic
love, multiple-partner sexuality, jealousy management, BDSM in poly
relations, bisexual loving and choreographing the dance of poly
loving. Enjoy panel discussions, networking, party and opportunities
to experience living compersion–empathy for others' love-joy.
Presenters include Kelly Bryson, Shama Malin, Donald Michael Kraig,
Dave Doleshal, Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin, Harold Kornylak, Amber
Seitz, Cougar Brenneman,
Rich Sposato, Tana Gallante, Scott Catamas, Master Rex, Dawn Davidson,
Akien MacLain, Scott Longewell, Scott Catamas, Terry & Paul Brussel-Gibbons & Marcus
Brussel-Jenkins, Ed Jor-El Elkin, Cathy & Barry Smiler and
more. If you'd like to present too, email us; we're open to more. We'd
especially like a presentation on the interface between paganism and polyamory.

The schedule below is tentative, subject to change.  Locales are abbreviated as follows Conference Center = CC; Lower Pool = LP; Upper Pool = UP; Back Patio = BP



Registration Opens BP

4 - 4:30PM

Newcomer’s Circle: Orienting to Polyamory- Dave Doleshal LP

4:30 - 4:45PM

Welcome, Logistics, Schedule - Janet Kira Lessin,  Dave Doleshal  CC

4:45 -6:30PM 

Pods for Intimate Community, Part 1 - Sasha Lessin, Janet Kira Lessin  CC

6:30 - 7:30PM

Dinner CC

7:30 - 8:30PM  

How We Do Poly - Janet Kira Lessin, Panel, Participants CC

8:30 - 10PM  

Compassionate Communication, Conscious Cuddling - Kelly Bryson CC

10 - 11:30PM  

How To Enter An Established Poly Relationship - Shama Malin, Don Kraig CC



8 - 9AM

Breakfast  CC

9 - 9:30

Howdy Pods: Intimate Community, Part 2 - Sasha Lessin, Janet Kira Lessin  CC

9:30 - 10AM

Presenters' Previews  CC:

10AM - 11:30AM

So What Do You Really Want: Your Deepest Desires - Dave Doleshal LP


Loving Beyond the Dyad - Harold Kornylak, Amber Seitz  CC



   11:30 -1:00PM    Power Exchange for Polys & Useful Skills from the Kink World - Master Rex  CC 
     Cohousing & Polyamory - Rich Sposato LP

1 - 2PM

Lunch  CC

2 - 4:30PM

On Agreements - Dawn Davidson, Akien Macain  LP

     Inspiring Masculine Presence/Unleashing Feminine Fire - Scott Longwell  CC

Chrysalis Wisdom Council - Cougar Brenneman, Tana Gallante UP

4:30 - 6PM

Rapid Techniques for Jealousy Management - Dave Doleshal  CC


Live Your Dream: The Science Fiction Entrance into Poly Love - Terry Brussel-Gibbons, Paul Brussel-Gibbons, Marcus Brussel-Jenkins LP


Communication Techniques for Expressing Yourself Intimately and    Expansively - Scott Catamas UP

5:30 - 7PM

Poly Positives: Shama Malin, Don Kraig  CC

     Bi-Poly Option for the 21st Century - Ed Jor-El Elkin, Janet Kira Lessin UP

Building Bridges: Practical Poly Relating to a Mono World - John Terry UP

7 - 8PM

Dinner CC

8 - 9:30PM

Hypnofantasy/Hypnomassage: Terry Brussel-Gibbons, Paul Brussel-Gibbons, Marcus Brussel-Jenkins  CC

9:30 - 11PM

Tantric Polyamory--The Art of Conscious Loving - Shama Malin, Don Kraig CC

  8 - 9AM    Breakfast  CC
  9 - 9:15AM    Presenters' Previews  CC
  9:15 - 10:45AM    Polyamory Games - Cathy & Barry Smiler CC
     Senior Sex: Ups & Downs, Ins & Outs - Ed Jor-El Elkin LP
10:45AM - 12:15PM   Sex Magick - Shama Malin, Don Kraig LP
  12:15 - 1:15 PM    Pod Retrospective & Parting Puja - Sasha Lessin, Janet Kira Lessin  CC 
  1:15 -2:15PM    Lunch CC 
  2:15 - 3PM    Networking Time CC 
  3PM    Conference Center locked but enjoy Harbin till 10PM


More Info http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/conferences/HarbinHotSprings2005/harbin_hot_springs_index.html
Discounted price includes meals and tent/seminar space accommodations: http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/forms/Harbin2005/harbin_registration_form.html
Register now and save. Prices go up each month.

Presenter's Application: http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/forms/presenters.html
Presenter's Harbin Registration Form: http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/forms/Harbin2005/harbin_registration_form_presenters.html


Celebrate love and passion; enjoy tantric energy exchanges, partnering, lovemaking, sharing, compassionate communication. Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin blend tantra practices with modern transformative, spiritual sexuality exercises and Jungian psychology to give you hands-on experiences, reverent relationship rituals, inspirational demonstrations, fun-filled fantasy fulfillments, a sensual party and coached coupling. Advance your consciousness, improve your partnership and love more

This seminar’s focus is on women, the most wounded in our patriarchical society. Regain balance individually and globally. Reintegrate the divine feminine within and without.

Women who attend this seminar represent the Sacred Goddess imprisoned by society, shamed and blamed throughout the ages. Rejection of the feminine; burning, raping, molesting and demeaning women has caused us, as a society, to split. The battle of the sexes raged for centuries, destroyed families, decimated countries and ravaged our souls. Rejection of the external feminine by men caused chaos and craziness within themselves because they’ve denied half of their own beings.

Women let themselves be controlled and dominated by men because men were physically stronger and more violent. Women co-created global dysfunction by buying into the story that they were unworthy and let themselves become dis-empowered.

End the battle in this seminar. The war of the sexes can never be won because we’re simply warring against the parts of ourselves. Reintegrate. No one’s to blame; we’re all guilty. Heal the male/female rift now--personally and globally. The gaping man-woman chasm manifests in our interpersonal relationships as guilt, strife, pain, shame, blame, rejection, resentment, manipulation, violence and ultimately, in international relations, war.

Men learn in Celebrate Sacred Sexuality how to free the Goddess as you bear witness to her beauty. Ride the wave of femininity and discover bliss with surrender and intimacy from vulnerability and oneness when you remember who you truly are.

In this seminar, men learn how to open their hearts, listen actively and empathetically to women, comprehend their logic, support the women, help them identify their needs and offer them healing behaviors to fulfill these needs.

$295 SINGLES, $495 COUPLES - This seminar is gender balanced.  Call 808-244-4103 to register.



We're looking for presenter's for our first annual Chicago Polyamory & Tantra Seminar.  Our focus will be on both alternative relationship styles and tantra, so be prepared to expand your hearts, open you minds and change your world. 

Presenter's Application: http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/forms/presenters.html

6.  BRYN MAWR, PA POLYAMORY CONFERNCE - September 23-258, 2005

Join us for our East Coast Polyamory Conference September 23-25, 2005 at Bryn Mawr, PA.  As you can see from the photos and venue description (World Polyamory Association: Bryn Mawr Polyamory Conference: Prefecting the Polyamory Paradigm - Bryn Mawr, PA, September 24-26, 2005), Bryn Mawr's a super location, ideal for all our needs and then some.  Bring all your gear for sports and play as you're certainly going to need it.  We have a full weekend planned for you with plenty of education, instruction, presentations, speakers, experiential workshops, playshops, song, dance and entertainment.

Pennsylvania's gorgeous this time of year. We've just the right formula for love and blossoming poly romances as we mix a poly conference with colorful trees, warm days and chilly nights.  Come join us, stoke up the fire and cuddle close in our poly puppy pile.    

SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.  Register before May 15th and SAVE $135

before May 15, 2005 - $155
Members before May 15, 2005 - $100
before June 15, 2005 - $215
Members before June 15, 2005 - $155
before July 15, 2005 - $235
Members before July 15, 2005 - $175
before August 15, 2005 - $255
Members before August 15, 2005 - $195
before September 15, 2005 - $275
Members before September 15, 2005 - $215
September 15, 2005 and after - $295
Members September 15, 2005 and after - $235

7.  POLYAMORY CONNECTION: Poly Dating, Support Group, Maui, Hawaii

POLYAMORY CONNECTION is an ongoing poly dating club, support group and  interactive relationship class on polyamory (contemporaneously loving more than one in intimate, candid relationships).  For more information:  http://schooloftantra.com/Groups/PolyamoryConnection/PolyamoryConnection.htm

PASSION & POLY PLAY IN PARADISE - MAUI, HI - First Weekend of the Month
Saturday 9AM - 5PM, Sunday 11AM - 6PM

Celebrate love and passion in a weekend journey to sacred sexuality, where playful spirits enjoy tantric energy exchanges, partnering, lovemaking, sharing, compassionate communication and more. Our blend of tantra practices combined with modern transformative, spiritual sexuality exercises and Jungian psychology give you hands-on experiences, reverent relationship rituals, inspirational demonstrations, fun-filled fantasy fulfillments, play parties and coached coupling. Choreograph the dance of yin and yang at each chakra. Advance your consciousness, improve pairing and model love more. Connect deeper with your partner or find new love. This tantra playshop is ideal for beginners. 

Singles $200
, Couples $300, 808-244-4103 to register, Registration Form, email schooloftantra@aol.com

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8.   POLYAMORY BOOKS:  Polyamory, The PolyTantric Lovestyle &  Polyamory: More Loves, More Loving

POLYAMORY: MORE LOVES, MORE LOVING Synergistic Sacred Sex & Reverational Relationships for Three or More Lovers by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D & Janet Kira Lessin, guides you and your love group to a fun-filled weekend of All-Chakra Total Tantra to intensify intimacy and celebrate each other. In this celebration, you open all your energy centers (chakras), heal emotional wounds, expand ecstasy and love for each other. You celebrate your separate selves and also transcend them in delightful spiritual energy with each other.

POLYAMORY, MANY LOVES: The Poly Tantric Lovesyle, A Personal Account Janet Kira Lessin, is an autobiographical testimonial of Janet's experiences with polyamory and tantra. Hold onto your hats for a wild ride! Polyamory may not be the easiest lifestyle, but it's sure fun. The ups and downs of relating with more than one certainly keep things lively. Never a dull moment. Combine polyamorous relating with tantra and you're soaring to new heights.

9.  POLYAMORY: THE MAGAZINE: Contributions and Staff Sought

We know you're out there. We got a lot of response. We know you have a lot to see. Stories to tell us.  We got a lot of emails from people saying they'll contribute, send in articles but not many articles actually came in our mail.  We need YOUR contributions in order to make this happen.

The new poly magazine, POLYAMORY seeks articles, stories, thoughts, ideas.  POLYAMORY is for you, about you and others like you. Share your victories, follies, highs, lows, hopes, woes, loves, loves lost, excitement, depression, happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow and bliss.  We want to hear it all, know all about you and what it takes to be polyamorous in these amazing and sometimes trying times.  We'd love to feature your art on our web site and zines.  We'd even love to share your photos with the world (if everyone in the photos grants their permission). Show us how talented you are.  Share your happy faces and joy that you've found with your poly loves and family.  We're here to promote you and your work.  We're here to change the world, make it a better place for all of us.  Please send your contributions: articles, arts, comics, poetry, advertisements, announcements, groups, professional bios, etc. to WorldPolyamory@aol.com.

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