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Evalena Rose, MA through MetaTherapy, multi-dimensional healing and channeled readings, has helped people heal emotionally and spiritually for 22 years. Twelve years of leading Sacred Sexuality workshops for women led to the founding of the LoveJourney community.

She brings to this work her degrees in psychology and decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, and Eastern spiritual paths. She entered the world of Tantra in 1987 and realized its potential for helping achieve a wholeness beyond what therapy can offer.

Evalena coaches women and women couples in how to apply Tantra in their lives and in developing communication that sustains intimacy. Each learns to ask for what she wants. The explorations may include Tantric breath practices, body image, sensual massage, movement and ritual. With warmth and humor, she creates safe and sacred space for emotional and sexual healing that clears trauma and abuse, opening the way for new levels of ecstasy.

CD:  BlissFire Tantra:  A Woman’s Erotic Pleasuring Meditation Featured in documentary
“Hearts Cracked Open”

LoveJourney: The Healing Path of Tantra for Women Sebastopol, CA 707 824-1118
Web site: 

For more on Evalena, click HERE

Evalena is featured at
Harbin Hot Spring, CA - May 12-14, 2006


Salena, Boom Shakti

Originally from Rome, Italy, Salena grew up within a family of artists in the old-school traditional style of arts and musical disiplines. Singing since she was only seven months old and painting with oil colors by the age of six, Salena took music and singing classes and went on to graduate from art school. However, Salena is mostly a self-taught artist. Her real schooling has been a result of her passion to explore new ways, new lands, and the unbeaten path.

In Salena's performances the audience is transported into a innerdimensional healing journey which evolves and progresses into high-energy dance music that provoke the mind and ignite the fire within. While Salena is usually a one woman band, she also appeares with an entourage called the gypsy tribe, a cast of colorful guest musicians, dancers and DJs.

She will be on tour during the summer in the North West. To recive updates about her tour send an email to or

coming soon:                               For More on Salena Click HERE

Salena is featured Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Sunyata Satchitananda  
Poly experience: 1 years in triunion relationship with Alorah and
Triya (co-presenters).

Education/Background: Certified Tantric Healer, Sacred Intimate, ULC & Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Credentials/Honors: Sunyata has over 20 years experience as a minister and currently serves as a Sacred Intimate ( ). He has been certified as a Tantric Healer and is a practicing sacred intimate offering Sacred Sessions for women -and men. He also offers lessons in Lotus Heart Tantra

Taber Shadburne

Taber Shadburne facilitates bringing compassionate awareness to all the messy, juicy stuff of life -- emotions, relationships, conflict, communication, love and intimacy. His work integrates Buddhism, psychology, and conscious communication. He's done two years in residence at a Zen center, many silent meditation retreats, and a serious study of comparative mysticism, as well as an M.A. in counseling psychology, training in Community-Building facilitator by M. Scott Peck's F.C.E., certification as a Radical Honesty Master Trainer by Brad Blanton (though Taber led Radical Intimacy groups before he ever heard of Radical Honesty!), and many professional trainings. He co-authored The Heart Of Healing: Inspired Ideas, Wisdom And Comfort From Today's Leading Voices. He's also a professional singer-songwriter and has recorded a CD of his music. He founded the Church of Soul, a progressive spiritual community center in Oakland.

Gabriella Shannon      

I am a second generation dakini and have trained with Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin, Anna Marti, Baba Dez and have taken workshops with Steve and Lokita Charter, Charles Muir and Daniel O'Dier.  I've been in private practice for four years and have conduced many workshops and pujas during these years.


Amber Seitz enthusiastically and with much already acquired skill, loves people at every level of their being.  The skills she shares include massage therapy (Amber's been a professional for 15 years), Rolfing, yoga, magick, kundalini awakening.  She's studied tantra–workshops with Harold Kornylack, Jack Painter, Margo Anand and the Lessins. 

Amber's been on a spiritual path for 10 years studying magick, yoga and tantra.

Tall, light embodied, passionate and playful, Amber embraces the world with child like wonder and enthusiasm for life and wants to share it with  humanity

Amber's been co-creating Tantsu for Partners with Harold Dull.

Amber featured at
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007
Harbin Hot Spring, CA - May 12-14, 2006
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005


Sophia Songhealer 

Sophia, who calls herself a songhealer, has been providing musical inspiration for countless gatherings since the 60's.   Her music and her "voice of gold, full of power and love" open the heart and help us connect with each other, our Selves and our precious Mother Earth. 

Since 1978, Sophia has released ten powerful and hauntingly beautiful recordings, extended musical journeys featuring exquisite arrangements by virtuoso musicians, which create a deep and sacred tapestry of sound.   She dedicates her work to the embodiment of the Goddess in all her many glorious forms,  and to the healing of our selves and our world.   A "cult" favorite among healers, massage therapists, tantric yogis and lovers, she is excited to join you!

Sophia: Featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Rich Sposato currently lives in a cohousing community in the Bay Area with my partner and daughter. 

Rich was a volunteer at two other poly conferences, the 1994 East Coast Loving More conference and alt.polycon in 1996.  He and his partner have been in poly relationships - and then got married. Since their marriage, they've formed close friendships and support bonds with other polys. Rich has a B.S. in math and computer science.


Musical troubadour and prophetess of polyamory and peace, Tes--and her God Squad--present a 90-minute concert of polyamory songs and sing-alongs at the World Polyamory Association Harbin Hot Springs Conference this June 18

Her paeans to peace and multiperson loving culminate the second day of workshops, seminars and experiential explorations in polyamory for some 200 participants at the Harbin nudist resort, two hours north of San Francisco.

 Tes sings of polyamory as the fasttrack to world peace and has been honored by the UN as a musical prophet and troubadour of peace. 

Married, polyamorous and tantric, Tes heals as she entertains.  She says, "I beam into our star system from a future civilization in response to the profound call of humanity for both physical and spiritual liberation." 

A conduit for the Divine Feminine and Infinite Intelligence, Tes attunes your awareness to your natural divinity.  In her intoxicating presence you experience love with the supreme magic of Life Itself.

For booking information, satsang and private appointments contact:
SarvaDharma Productions (760) 809-3251

SarvaDharma Productions                For MORE on TES click HERE
"Love All, Serve All"

Tes f
eatured at these World Polyamory Conferences:

Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 18, 2005
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004



We're very proud of our faculty: talented, educated, professional and experienced in their field.  Faculty Members must be registered as a World Polyamory Association Member in good standing in order to be featured on the World Polyamory Association web site. If you wish to be considered to be a member of our faculty, please fill out this form: Presenter/Workshop Facilitator Application


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