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 Dossie Easton
Dossie Easton is co-author with Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut, a guide to infinite sexual possibilities as well as The Bottoming Book and The Topping Book When Someone You Love Is Kinky, and most recently, Radical Ecstasy:  SM Journeys to Transcendence.  She is a licensed psychotherapist working with individuals,  couples and more in her private practice, and has more than fifteen years experience working with people struggling with poly issues.

An active sex radical since 1961, Dossie became a volunteer with San Francisco Sex Information, and subsequently served on their trainings staff, offered a sex talk radio show for three years, and earned a bachelor's degree in Human Sexuality.  She trained as a therapist in a variety of environments, including ten years as a therapist in a psychiatric halfway house with a specialty working with abuse survivors.  Currently she serves the poly community as a therapist in her private practice, and by supervising interns in training and offering trainings to professionals in how to work with the issues that may come up in poly families.  She makes her home in the mountains north of San Francisco, travels around to teach at conferences all over the world, and spends her nonexistent free time hiking the hills declaiming filthy poetry to the vultures and hosting outrageous pajama parties. 

Dossie's Website:

Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph. D. is a Psychologist and an Evolutionary Agent  with a professional emphasis on Conscious Evolution  and a broad background in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

He was recently named "Globalman" in an article in the Maui Weekly

He has presented workshops at Bi-Sexual Conferences, at the California Men's Gathering, and at Men's Retreats at Kalani Honua on Big Island.

He has had both long-term and short-term relationships with men and women, separately and together.

Dr. Elkin is a divorced father of a 31 year old daughter,  maintains a friendship with his ex-wife and is currently living with his significant other near Hana on Maui.

Ed Jor-El Elkin
PO Box 811,
Hana, HI 96713
Phones:  Cell: 808-264-1506; Home :  808-248-7543

Ed is featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007
Harbin Hot Spring, CA - May 12-14, 2006
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005


Francoise (
received her doctorate from the University of Paris, where she worked as a woman's counselor in sexology. She has been leading puja rituals ongoingly for different organizations since 1994. Francoise offers private consultations for women and men

Darci Frankel

Darci is a seasoned yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioner.  She conducts year round Pancha Karma cleansing and rejuvenation retreats for individuals, couples and groups at her center, Hanalei Day Spa/TheAyurveda Center of Hawaii on Kauai and also conducts various workshops on Ayurveda massage and Spa therapies, self/partner massage/yoga to spas and yoga studios around the world. Darci Frankel has about 15 years experience as a yoga instructress, Massage Therapist and Ayurveda Practitioner.  Darci enthusiastically guides people toward their highest potential using her skill, humor and intuition.

Tana Gallante is a spiritual healer, a personal and career coach, and a
student of psychology. She works with individual clients and small groups teaching advanced communication and relationship enhancing tools.
Pictured Tana & Cougar Brenneman

Tana has studied metaphysics intensively since the age of 15. She recently
completed a year-long Spirit of Life Institute program teaching in-depth
relationship concepts, with a goal to become a licensed minister through the
Association for the Integration of the Whole Person.

Polyamorous her whole life, Tana is a life partner with Cougar, with a goal
of wholeness, safety, and stability in multiple committed relationships.

Tana's featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Drs. Steven Vogue and Anastas Harris have been Tantra teachers for 10 years and have had a Tantric, polyamorous relationship for 19 years. They belong to a poly family of beloveds, of about 26 individuals,  who they meet with for an extended weekend approximately every three months, usually at their home. They present workshops on Tantra and Polyamory and do private Tantric coaching with couples and singles. 
Anastas and Steven teach the art of super-conscious, sacred sex, by creating a Tantric relationship with their clients, and, if they are a couple, bring them into Tantric relationship with each other. They teach Tantric skills and awareness, including Ejaculation Mastery, Full Body Orgasm and a sex that is based on creating a union of the sexual and spiritual energies.  Their clients learn the art of running and transmitting life force sexual energy, in the context of the Sacred Heart Space, rather than friction sex.  They assist their clients to overcome their sexual challenges and experience extended bliss in love-making. They are co-authoring a book on female orgasm. 

Steven and Anastas teach out of their coastal, north San Diego, California home where they have a Tantric bed and breakfast.  Couples who wish to do so can enjoy the Tantric bed and breakfast service while taking a Tantric training. They are well known for their Tantric workshop “The Intimacy Oil Experience” and invite you to be on their mailing list for this and other events.   Anastas is also a psychological therapist and Steven, a chiropractor and naturopath.  
Poly Bio
Professional Bio
Steven's Bio
Anastas's Bio

San Diego - North County, California
Phone: 760-929-9988
Web sites:,

Anastas and Steve are featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Harbin Hot Spring, CA - May 12-14, 2006
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Steven Vogue and Anastas Harris presented the Laguna Beach, 2004 Post-Conference, October 24, 2005: 


Dr. Danielle Harel is a clinical sexologist and a pleasure activist who has devoted the last thirteen years to counseling and empowering couples, women, men, and groups. She graduated with a Ph.D and a Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degree from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.  

Danielle has a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) and a Bachelors (BA) degree in Psychology and Educational Counseling.

Danielle brings her passion, depth, intuition and magnetizing personality to her coaching sessions and workshops. Harnessing her extensive training as a sexologist and her background in psychology and body-based modalities, she leads people into the depth of their desires to support them in reaching their fullest sexual potential. She is particularly talented in helping her clients release shame and accept themselves fully. Danielle offers her clients a unique, experiential and exciting process to transform their relationships, create intense and loving connections and live their lives passionately.

Web Site: 
Featured at: Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007

Celeste Hirschman has made a lifelong study of sexuality, intimacy and relationships both inside and outside of the classroom. She received an MA in Human Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University where she researched young people's sexuality development.  

She draws on multiple perspectives, including sexual healing, celebrating eroticism, Tantra, and BDSM, to help her clients realize their full potential and deepen their experiences of pleasure and embodiment.

Celeste brings her unconditional love, presence, erotic energy and spirituality to her coaching and workshops in order to create an open, safe and exciting container where her clients can explore every aspect of themselves without guilt or shame. She uses her training in psychology, role-play, and body-based modalities to create real-time
experiences where people learn to transform old patterns and incorporate new passions and possibilities into every aspect of their lives, including their loving and intimate relationships. 

Web Site: 
Featured at: Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007


We're very proud of our Faculty: talented, educated, professional and experienced in their field.  Faculty Members must be registered as a World Polyamory Association Member in good standing in order to be featured on the World Polyamory Association web site. If you wish to be considered to be a member of our faculty, please fill out this form: Presenter/Workshop Facilitator Application


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