2013 World Polyamory & Tantra Conference

Harbin Hot Springs, N. CA


JULY 19 -21, 2013

Prices and registration coming soon!

If you want to be a presenter at this year’s conference email Dave at

If you’re interested in attending complete a form below and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Or you can call Dave at 510-981-1162.

Join us in an intensive, playful, entertaining, active, respectful, informative participatory sharing, learning opportunity for networking and celebrating polyamorous conclave consciousness for a weekend.

Friday, July 19, 2013 at 12:00pm – Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 10:00pm at the HARBIN HOT SPRINGS STAN DALE CONFERENCE CENTER, Middleton, Northern California –


Play, share multi-lover interests:

Vet potential lovers
Experience polygroup relationship negotiation & lovemaking techniques
Manage jealousy
Ponder polyactivism, group marriage, child custody, group housing
Enjoy poly-oriented music
Participate in and react to panel discussions
Peruse poly films
Join a poly-tantra ritual
Commit to Your Poly Relationship in a Ritual Before the Poly Community
Celebrate the party of the year!
Enjoy Tantric breathwork that prepares the body for full body orgasm
Learn techniques that activate vital energy centers and create ecstatic states
Explore sensual touch and contact that fulfills and delights
Develop skills to keep your heart open for sacred love
Deepen contact with your inner beloved and your divinity
Enjoy gentle rituals of open-hearted, sacred interactions
Open your heart and body to deeper and more passionate ways of loving

This year we are in our favorite venue, Harbin’s Stan Dale Conference Center. It’s our private, gated, sex-positive celebrative community, complete with its own huge group room, breakaway areas, two hot pools and camping area. Harbin Caterers dish up yummy food. Camp, sleep in a group room or your RV.

Contact Harbin if you wish to upgrade your room.
Room Reservations: 707-987-2477 (CA toll-free 800-622-2477)

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