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The Ethical Slut, an Alternative Love Story – Webseries

FEBRUARY 26, 2014 ~ It’s out: “The Ethical Slut, an Alternative Love Story,” the webseries. Remember filmmaker Ben Fritz’s Kickstarter campaign last year for his Ethical Slut webseries? Now you can watch all of Season 1. . Filmed in Madison, Wisconsin, it’s “inspired by” the classic poly and open-relationship guidebook by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy (and has their …

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POLYS: OUT YOURSELF (I did) & END PLURALISTIC IGNORANCE: Web Radio, Article by Janet Kira Lessin

I discovered I was polyamorous in 1990 when I fell in love with Ed,a man I met on the internet. He was married. So was I. We fell in love with each other but not out of love with our spouses and felt awful, at first, then came to understand through internet groups and research …

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